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We develop software for structural engineers and detailers. Our development team researches, tests, and applies new methods of analyzing the behaviour of structures and their members. Based on this, we created IDEA StatiCa – software that enables engineers to work faster, evaluate requirements of the national code thoroughly, and use the optimal amount of material. For us, creating software is a way to contribute to making every new construction around the world safer and cheaper.

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BIM Workflows: Integration of IFC Format and IDEA StatiCa

IFC format is a universally recognised open file format, integral in the architecture, engineering, construction, and operations AECO industry. It streamlines the seamless exchange of digital information across various software applications. This format plays a pivotal role in the design, construction, and management of buildings and infrastructure, making it an essential tool for detail-oriented professionals in these fields.


IFC is a crucial tool when it comes to building information modelling (BIM) processes and workflows because it enables interoperability between different BIM software applications.

IFC format and softwares for structural engineers

Today’s construction demands greater integration of structural engineering with architectural, mechanical, and other systems, emphasizing the evolving role of structural engineers in building projects.

The IFC format is supported by a wide range of software applications, including:

How IFC works

IFC (Industry Foundation Classes) plays a vital role in the exchange of building information models (BIM) and structural data between software applications and stakeholders that are involved in a construction project. It is a tool for fostering collaboration and efficient information sharing, dramatically decreasing the number of errors and redundancies in the construction process. More importantly, the IFC format supports the complete building lifecycle, encompassing design, construction, and facility management.


The framework of IFC is created around a hierarchical, object-oriented data model. It effectively represents various building elements and their interrelationships in the form of objects and properties. This approach allows for a more structured, detailed and effective representation of building data.


IFC accommodates multiple file formats for flexibility and usability. The most commonly used is IFC-STEP, but other formats like IFC-XML and IFCJSON are also available.


The IFC-SPF format, a text-based file format, is defined by ISO 10303-21 (“STEP-File”). In this format, each line typically comprises a single object record and carries the file extension “.ifc”. Its widespread adoption can be attributed to its compact size and the readability of the text, making it a preferred choice in various applications within the AECO industry.

ACEO - ifc9-1

IFC-XML, defined by ISO 10303-28 (“STEP-XML”) and using the “.ifcXML” file extension, is an XML-based format within the IFC framework. It’s optimized for interoperability with XML tools and for exchanging partial building models. However, its less frequent use in practice is due to the large file sizes typically associated with building models.

IFC format and IDEA StatiCa

The leading steel software IDEA StatiCa Connection, along with the popular web application Viewer, now offers the capability to create and save designed joints in the IFC file format.

IFC Format

This enhancement enhances interoperability among structural software tools and significantly improves the daily workflow of structural engineers.



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