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We develop software for structural engineers and detailers. Our development team researches, tests, and applies new methods of analyzing the behaviour of structures and their members. Based on this, we created IDEA StatiCa – software that enables engineers to work faster, evaluate requirements of the national code thoroughly, and use the optimal amount of material. For us, creating software is a way to contribute to making every new construction around the world safer and cheaper.

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Blog post 24.0


IDEA StatiCa 24.0 marks two big anniversaries of our CBFEM method and Connection application – a decade of making the right connections for your structures!! We are also bringing to our users the new 3D concrete structural design solution, allowing you to do things with out-of-plane. Below, we highlight some of the major highlights that we are bringing you.

Speed your designing of connections

The parametric templates that are added to our Steel Connection app cut the time needed for designing standard connections by up to 80 per cent – and, of course, you get access to our Connection Library. Our new update to our connection library now comes with more than one million items (did you gasp when you read the size of this database?) with new filters. And, all this for your free use.

IDEAStatiCa 24.0 Parametric templates

Optimised bolts and welds

In addition, the new IDEA StatiCa 24.0 also has the new functionality for one-click auto-sizing welds with full strength and the overstrength option has been included. We are also adding auto-design of bolts in shear connections.

IDEAStatiCa 24.0 Automatic weld sizing

The New 3D concrete detail design solution !

We have taken a truly remarkable forward in the concrete detail design side of IDEA StatiCa. We are releasing the 3D modelling of footings and walls, with out-of-plane load analysis. This feature allows you to cross the path to the analysis of structural elements in a way you couldn`t before because their real behaviour is much more complex than that which you could model in the past. Here is easy access to a Beta version for you to explore, while we put it through extensive verification.

New 3D concrete detail design solution

Meet the new Checkbot

Welcome to the collaboration hub you have been waiting for!


The new Checkbot Free is a collaborative project hub for teams without the need for a full IDEA StatiCa license. This allows you to import models from FEA and CAD software and create projects that can then be shared with licensed users to be further analysed and designed.

Furthermore,  in the place of our free CAD plugins. Checkbot Free enables every professional on your team to contribute to the further development of your projects – integrated into all BIM processes, increasing the productivity of project development and improving the quality of the data created in the process. The possibility to upload and share projects online in Viewer is also now available.

Free Checkbot

Checkbot is a performance beast

IDEAS With significant performance enhancements and improved BIM connectivity, StatiCa’s regular and full version of Checkbot gives your structural engineering processes a significant boost and is prepared to assist you with large projects. It dramatically cuts down on processing times, increasing your productivity with quicker imports from your FEA programme and better handling of complex projects. Additionally, more seamless data interchange is made possible by improved BIM programme compatibility.

Regional improvements

To address the regional demands and needs, we have introduced ways to leverage key code-specific updates like PINS for Eurocode-compliant pin connections for European projects, and AISC-compliant Partial Joint Penetration (PJP) welds tailored for North American design projects.


Additionally, we have added throat thickness versus leg size for welds aimed at the UK market and detailed design options for hooked anchors for the APAC region.

Ease of Use

Here at IDEA StatiCa, we like to make sure that our application is easy to navigate and use. One of the features that we have executed is the integration of the Single Sign-On (SSO). This provides ease in user experience when it comes to platform access and provides another layer of security. 


Additionally, the new User Portal redesign (available to all) has been introduced, alongside new keyboard shortcuts (ctrl + S). 

For Enterprise users, the integration of Single Sign-On (SSO) is being rolled out, which simplifies platform access, enhancing your security and user experience. Plus, IDEA StatiCa’s User Portal’s redesign, available to all, and the introduction of keyboard shortcuts, alongside Brazilian Portuguese support, significantly improve users’ ability to navigate themselves.

IDEA StatiCa 24.0 Single sign-on User portal

Finally, we are also rolling out new shared preferences to ensure there is consistency between your project across your company. To help you navigate through your project with ease we embedded enhanced error messaging and toolkits to provide clear, actional insights.

To get a complete picture of what IDEA StatiCa version 24.0 has to offer you, please check our release notes


Additionally, new shared preferences ensure consistency across projects, minimizing setup times, and maintaining uniform design parameters. To ensure you are never at a loss about what to do, enhanced error messaging and tooltips provide clear, actionable insights, with direct links to support resources, making troubleshooting easier.

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