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The most advanced code checking tool for steel connections!


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Easy-to-use tools allows you to configure any type of connection


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based on FEM

The biggest development in structural engineering since many years!

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The most powerful software in the world for the analysis & design of Steel Connections

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The continuous increase of the number of structural engineers that wants to know more about IDEA StatiCa, has lead us to the decision to organize regular weekly webinars, that will provide all the basic information about this breakthrough technology through real examples, and answer any question from the audience. The webinars will be held every Wednesday in 2 different sessions, so that it allows everyone to find the more suitable time.

We started in 2013 with an ambitious goal: To reinvent steel connection analysis, and fill a huge gap in the design of complex connections!

In 2015 this goal was achieved: IDEA StatiCa changed forever the way we design steel connections!


IDEA StatiCa Connection combines in a unique way the simplicity of a modern user interface, with a sophisticated background, allowing even the non-experienced user to become quickly familiar with the software and be productive very quickly.


IDEA StatiCa Connection offers some amazing tools, that helps you model and analyze easily even the most complex connections, by combining  standard manufacturing operations and FEM analysis. All you have to do is to create the connection as it is in reality!


IDEA StatiCa Connection offers the first real breakthrough technology in structural engineering since many years! The new CBFEM method that is based on, combines the use of Finite elements Analysis with standard EC3/AISC checks, through amazing ease of use!

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Version 8 is released!

We are very excited to announce the release of Version 8 – the next chapter in reinventing steel connection design! It has a lot of new features and improvements, the majority of which were inspired by our customers, resellers and partners. These are the highlights:
– New analysis type: Member Capacity Design
– New analysis type: Joint Design Resistance
– Several manufacturing operations were added or improved
– Formulas were added into result tables
– New startup wizard to determine code and units
– Improved usage of imperial units
– Plate thickness and weld thickness in inches
– New links with StaadPRO and RSTAB
– Improved links with TEKLA, Advanced Steel and SCIA Engineer

ARUP’s testimonial

During the last Autodesk University in Las Vegas, IDEA StatiCa team together with ARUP’s Associate director, Mr. Graham Aldwinckle, presented a class about Steel connection design, and particularly about IDEA StatiCa and the workflow with Autodesk’s Advanced Steel.

Cloud connection design

CBFEM – the most advanced technology for the design of Steel Connections goes to the cloud!

Use our FREE new cloud application based on IDEA StatiCa and CBFEM, to calculate hundreds of connections, in seconds, online.

Simply open your web browser, choose the type of connection, define the topology in a few-clicks, edit the properties and get a complete EC/AISC report with simple pass/fail status for all the individual elements and any necessary data.

Don’t take our word for it – try it yourself!