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About IDEA StatiCa

We develop software for structural engineers and detailers. Our development team researches, tests, and applies new methods of analyzing the behaviour of structures and their members. Based on this, we created IDEA StatiCa – software that enables engineers to work faster, evaluate requirements of the national code thoroughly, and use the optimal amount of material. For us, creating software is a way to contribute to making every new construction around the world safer and cheaper.

IDEA StatiCa UK - Steel Connections
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IDEA StatiCa Steel allows you to design and check welded or bolted connections, 2D or 3D joints, anchoring of ANY topology. You get clear pass/fail checks according to AISC, Eurocode, and other national standards in a complete report with drawings.


IDEA StatiCa UK - Stress & Strain Analysis
Stress / Strain analysis

Stress / Strain analysis provides the resistance of each connection component in terms of strength. Von-mises stress and strain contours are displayed along with detailed checks.

Buckling analysis

Buckling analysis is a tool for investigating if stability requirements are met. The software calculates the critical factors and displays the deformed shape of the connection no matter how complex this is

Stiffness analysis

Stiffness analysis classifies each connected member in terms of stiffness. A connected member can be classified as rigid, pinned, or semi-rigid. Moment-rotation curves are displayed, and the designer can also estimate the initial or secant stiffness of the member, in order to account for its influence in the global analysis model according to the code requirements.

IDEA StatiCa UK - Seismic capacity design
Seismic capacity design

Capacity design is indispensable for steel structures located in seismic regions. Designers can verify, that plastic hinges will be formed where they are expected with the visualization of plastic strain concentration.

Joint resistance analysis

How much can I increase the applied load without failure? Easy… our joint resistance analysis will calculate how much can you increase the applied stress vector (N, Vy, Vz ,Mx, My, Mz) to reach the ultimate connection capacity.

Overall code checks

Check results are reflected on the 3D connection model with colors that denote how much is the component in question utilized, or even if it fails. The designer can spot the weak parts in his design with a single glance.


There is no limit in the number of beams, bolts, welds, and plates in your connections. Create the most common topologies in seconds and continue editing the connection templates right in the 3D scene. Define shapes based on your project—not on what your software can handle! You model, IDEA StatiCa designs, calculates, and checks the connection!
IDEA StatiCa UK - 250+ Connections in 3 clicks


2D Frames & Trusses
3D Frames & Trusses
IDEA StatiCa UK - Footing & Anchoring
Footing & Anchoring


You model the connection, IDEA StatiCa does the heavy-lifting – it distributes the applied forces and provides precise checks, results of stress, stiffness, and buckling analysis. It also checks bolts, welds, and concrete blocks. Interactions between all the beams and connections? IDEA StatiCa takes that into account, too, providing visual pass/fail checks according to AISC, Eurocode, etc.
IDEA StatiCa UK - Limitless Configurations


IDEA StatiCa UK - Plates

The model is decomposed into steel plates preserving the original model shape. A material non-linear analysis is performed and the principal plastic strain is checked.

IDEA StatiCa UK - Welds

Welds are modeled with actual shell elements. Stress is accurately redistributed to reflect the actual weld behavior. Stress is then recovered and checked according to the relevant code requirements.

IDEA StatiCa UK - Bolts

Bolt model accurately reproduces the bolt behavior including bolt hole bearing and shear-tension interaction at every calculation step. Moreover prying forces are calculated for plates in contact.

IDEA StatiCa UK - Anchoring

Base plates of any complexity can be anchored on concrete blocks. The concrete block is checked against localized stress concentration. All anchor modes of failures required by the code are checked, depending on the type of anchor, and the way they work. Shear keys of any shape are also supported.

IDEA StatiCa UK - Contacts

Plates in contact are accurately modeled. Tension between them is eliminated, and this behavior allows the accurate calculation of the prying forces in case they are bolted.


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