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About IDEA StatiCa

We develop software for structural engineers and detailers. Our development team researches, tests, and applies new methods of analyzing the behaviour of structures and their members. Based on this, we created IDEA StatiCa – software that enables engineers to work faster, evaluate requirements of the national code thoroughly, and use the optimal amount of material. For us, creating software is a way to contribute to making every new construction around the world safer and cheaper.

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Reinforced concrete frames in application Member

Upcoming Webinar

Join us on Wednesday, 21st of October 2020 at 10:00am (BST) or 5:00pm (BST) 

Learn more about:

  • Introduction on IDEA StatiCa Member
  • Static scheme of a frame
  • Definition of load effects
  • Reinforcement design
  • Code-checks of ultimate and serviceability limit states

The Speakers

Petra Komarkova
Petra Komarkova
Product Engineer
Lukas Juricek
Lukas Juricek
Product Engineer

An overview of what to expect:

A new version of IDEA StatiCa was released together with a new app Member for the design and code-check of reinforced concrete structures. This application will unify all the design and code-checks of all reinforced concrete members in one place, integrated into your FEA/CAD software. Let’s have a look at the application Member more deeply, click through it and discuss what are our next plans with Member.

In the webinar, we will demonstrate a workflow on how to design and code-check reinforced concrete frame, which is part of the two-story hall. We start modeling the frame and explain the principles of analyzed and related members. Then, the frame model will be subjected to load effects, reinforced properly, and a linear analysis will be performed. In the end, all analyzed members will be code-checked for ultimate and serviceability limit states via well-known application RCS integrated into the new application Member.

Join the webinar focusing on Member application which was released as a BETA version, and thus ensure your part in cooperation and participation in the development and improvement of Member application.

Reinforcement design

New, more user-friendly way of reinforcement design in Member. An effective way of definition of various stirrup distancing, considering only 50% of longitudinal bars anchored at the supports, easy editing of reinforced section.

Internal forces on the analyzed part of a structure

The internal forces are the outputs of linear analysis. RCS application automatically selects the most utilized sections and checked them for ultimate and serviceability s limit states.

Register for the webinar now and join the session that fits your day.


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