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We develop software for structural engineers and detailers. Our development team researches, tests, and applies new methods of analyzing the behaviour of structures and their members. Based on this, we created IDEA StatiCa – software that enables engineers to work faster, evaluate requirements of the national code thoroughly, and use the optimal amount of material. For us, creating software is a way to contribute to making every new construction around the world safer and cheaper.

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Reinforced concrete design via CSFM

CSFM is an innovative method implemented in IDEA StatiCa Concrete used for the design of reinforced concrete structures. In this webinar, we taking a close look at this method and show you that there is no need to be afraid of using CSFM calculations in your projects.


CSFM (Compatible Stress Field Method), offers much more than just ULS checks. The advanced state of the method is based on modified compression field theory, implementation of tension stiffening, and distinguishing between stabilized or non-stabilized cracking; hence we perform SLS checks of the concrete wall. Thus, we can observe crack widthdeformation, and stresses corresponding to SLS combinations.

During the webinar, we will be focusing on the theory of the CSFM method and we will start by describing the problem that engineers are facing with the design of reinforced concrete structures, and continue with the basic assumptions of the method, and the types of reinforced concrete structures that are suitable for this method. Afterwards, we will show a practical example to explain the principles of the analysis and checks of the reinforced concrete structure via CSFM.

As a reference example, a reinforced concrete wall with an opening, loaded by a concentrated force located on its upper edge, was selected. Many of you have encountered this example when a strut and tie method (STM) is taught. Finally, the STM results will be compared to ones obtained from the CSFM.

On Wednesday, May 13, 2020 we run two identical sessions: the first one at 12:00 BST, followed by another one at 17:00 BST (or 12:00 New York time). Register below for both and join the session that fits your day.

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