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About IDEA StatiCa

We develop software for structural engineers and detailers. Our development team researches, tests, and applies new methods of analyzing the behaviour of structures and their members. Based on this, we created IDEA StatiCa – software that enables engineers to work faster, evaluate requirements of the national code thoroughly, and use the optimal amount of material. For us, creating software is a way to contribute to making every new construction around the world safer and cheaper.

Release notes

IDEA StatiCa version 22.0 is alive and brings you many improvements in both the steel and concrete structural design. Working with IDEA StatiCa will take less time than ever while offering you additional modeling and design options.

What is new? Connection Browser can now create company sets of steel connections. Two new BIM links, improved imports to Checkbot for all existing links. New connections modeling tools, better concrete result analysis, improved UI of our applications, and much more. Discover all the improvements below and Calculate yesterday’s estimates!

Calculate yesterday's estimates! Calculate yesterday's estimates!

News for Steel

Although our steel applications for connection and member design are leading the market already, we keep improving them rapidly. Connection Browser now enables you to create and share your connection designs with colleagues in your company. This means your unique company set of connections, synced automatically to all users of your license, ready to be used!

We have solved the challenging cutting and welding of members going through another member of a hollow section. Moreover, you will be able to simulate the connection of the member to, for example, a slab providing additional support against lateral-torsional buckling. This works both for IDEA StatiCa Connection and IDEA StatiCa Member.

IDEA StatiCa Connection is now also able to check the contact between a baseplate and a concrete block even without installed anchors. Our focus was also on updating our material library and complementing the code checks based on your design code. We have specified the points of consideration when connecting hollow sections with long bolts going through.

Analysis of fatigue was supplemented by the checks of the stress directly in the welds as well as in plates next to them. And for better safety, the setup of loads in equilibrium will be the default from now on.

Last but not least, our Connection Lite free cloud service was updated to comply with the latest desktop application.

Enable your team to design thousands of connections

Connection Design Browser - IDEA StatiCa

Connection design and analysis improvements

Lateral-Torsional Restraint at the member with defined stiffness - IDEA StatiCa

News for BIM links

Structural engineers use IDEA StatiCa Checkbot a lot – on average, nearly 40,000 steel connections are imported every month worldwide. Version 22 makes this even more usable for the everyday design process, for all our supported BIM links

IDEA StatiCa Checkbot v22.0 brings you

Bentley RAM Structural System (RSS) link with RAM interface
Tekla Structural Designer linked through Checkbot
STRAP linked through Checkbot

The Checkbot can be started from your 3rd party application or as a standalone app and enables you to combine inputs from multiple sources. If you want to check the compatibility with your particular application, just take a look at our list of actively supported versions.

Licensing & All applications

We improved the way of reserving and releasing licenses seats in the license pool of your company. New dialogues make it easier to identify which seats are occupied/available. You can also easily define when your seat should return to the pool.

Improvements to licensing management

New version indicator - IDEA StatiCa

Some outdated applications will be removed from the 21.1 install file. See the list of obsolete applications.

Solved incidents

See the current list of solved incidents reported by our customers.

Full Release notes

Below you can download the full version of Release notes for IDEA StatiCa v22.0 in PDF.


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