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Free Seminar on CBFEM and IDEA Connection

The development of Finite Element Modelling was the biggest development in structural engineering analysis in the past 40 years. While, however, FEM is used a lot for steel structures, there is much less attention paid to its application in the analysis of steel connections. Until now, connections are solved with calculation tools that are based on standard component-based processes, and their functionality is limited to several types of joints.


This seminar, introduces a new and revolutionary method to analyse and design steel connections, called CBFEM (Component Based Finite Element Model). CBFEM was developed by IDEA-RS and academic stuff from the university of Prague (Professor Frantisek Wald – one of the authors of EN1993-1-8), and university of Brno (prof. Miroslav Bajer). An introduction will be also made to IDEA Connection, the first software in the world to implement CBFEM, which provides structural engineers a novel and effective tool to analyse and design steel joints.


CBFEM is based on Finite Elements, which enables a much more detailed analysis of a connection. More important, CBFEM offers the engineer the ability to model and analyse ANY type of connection (not necessarily covered by the codes) but at the same time offers complete Eurocode checks.

January 27th 2016

Time: 09:00 – 13:00

Place: iStructE headquarters in London

47-58 Bastwick Street, London EC1V 3PS

The speakers

Professor Frantisek Wald

Professor and Head of Department of Steel and Timber Structures at the Czech Technical University in Prague

Working on EN1993-1-8 (connection design)

Lubomir Sabatka


M.Sc., Ph.D. Civil engineering. Development and innovation of software products for applications in civil engineering since 1981

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Participation: Free  (registration needed)

Available seats: 100-110

Address: 47-58 Bastwick Street, London EC1V 3PS

Date:  January 27th 2016

Time:  09:00 – 13:00

More information: 020 35799397  or

Don't miss this opportunity to be informed for the biggest development in structural analysis of steel structures since many years