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New features of version 8.2

Version 8.2 is a major upgrade of V.8, with many new features and improvements. As always we have implemented many of our users’ requests: We redesigned the report, we improved several manufacturing operations, implemented new welding possibilities and improved the BIM workflows. These are the highlights in a few words:
  • New layout and report control – report is now completely modular
  • Formulas – all formulas to all code-checks can be displayed in the report
Manufacturing operations
  • General anchoring – Heavy anchoring, anchors through more plates
  • Both-side splice, backing plate
  • New type of cut – Mitre cut – connection of members with the same cross-section
  • Partial and intermittent welds
  • Bolts – slotted holes
  • Edge-edge and edge-surface contact
BIM links
  • New link with ETABS
  • Links between IDEA StatiCa and FEA programs are shifting from “one-way” export to “two-way” synchronization.
  • Copy of the load effects between projects
  • CAD links – rounding of plates, cut of tubes, bented plates, automatic detection of welds and contacts

The most important new features in detail


The report functionalities have been simplified and it is now easier to navigate and find and enable the information you need. It has now the ability to move the different sections up or down, by a simple drag’n’drop operation.

Calculation formulas that were introduced in V.8 are now presented as an option in the report, a feature that was requested by many of our users.

Custom pictures and documents can be now inserted in the report, to enrich the information that needs to be communicated.

Anchoring improvements

Many of our users has been asking for a more powerful and flexible modeling of anchoring, and we are really happy that this has been added in V8.2! The new General anchoring capabilities simply allow you to create any type of anchoring – even with multiple concrete blocks – and connect multiple plates to the same anchors. We also now support a gap between the base plate and the concrete block.

Cuts, Stiffeners, Splices

Cap plates and internal stiffeners are now available for hollow section members.

The Splice connection has been simplified a lot since it requires only one operation to connect both members, saving a lot of time for the input. We have also implemented the Backing plate option that automatically creates a copy of the plate from the other side of the flange/web.

Another important new operation is a new type of cut that has been implemented – the Mitre cut – that allows a seamless continuous connection between 2 members with an angle, another major request from our users.

Bolts, Welds

One of the most often asked questions from prospects and customers was the input of slotted holes, something that is widely used in practice. We are happy to say that we now support it! The user can simply choose this option through the Plate editor, and the software doesn’t take into any shear forces for these bolts. Even more, the user has the option to define every bolt individually so that both standard and slotted holes co-exist in the same plate.

For the Welds, we implemented another unique feature, the option to define Partial and intermittent welds, something that gives the designer great flexibility and the possibility to optimize the connections with safety always secured.

Another improvement for the Welds is the better welding of RHS profiles when the members have the same size.

New contact elements

In previous versions of IDEA StatiCa, the only way that forces were transfer from a plate edge to another edge or surface, was through the weld. There are cases though where an edge is not welded but still, through compression, stresses need to be transferred. In V.8 we have solved this problem with the new Edge-to-Edge and Edge-to-Surface elements.

User interface

We have also added new functionalities that improve the productivity and make the user interface even easier. In detail:

  • We now support saving 2D pictures from the results to the Gallery so that the user can add them to the report.
  • We also provide the possibility to select members from the 3D window.
  • We have redesigned the Navigator in the Report
  • Butt welds are now appearing in the list of welds at the Results.
  • More info and warnings have been added to the Summary of results

Finally, we are no longer supporting the 32-bit installation, only 64-bit will be available from now on.

Links with FEA programs
  • New link with the program ETABS
  • Update of the existing IDEA StatiCa project after a change of the topology of results in the linked FEA application
  • Copy of the load effects between projects
Links with CAD programs
  • Rounding of plates
  • Cut of tubes
  • Bended plates
  • Automatic detection of welds and contacts

Curious to see all the new features?