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New features of version 10.1

We are really proud to introduce a brand-new version of IDEA StatiCa 10.1. This version brings an exceptional volume of new features and improvements. All that with our focus to enable engineers to work faster, evaluate the requirements of the national code thoroughly and use the optimal amount of material.
To speed up the design process, our new batch analysis helps the structural engineer to code-check all connections in the project in one swing. We have implemented a long-desired manufacturing operation “Negative volume” and improved the meshing of the hollow sections. We have finally figured out geometrical nonlinearity (GNMA) for steel connections.
BIM workflows are crucial in everyday work of structural engineers and fabricators. We have updated IDEA StatiCa BIM links and re-worked the IDEA Open Model (IOM) interface. This public API can be used for creating a link between IDEA StatiCa and any FEA or CAD software.
Have you ever needed your colleague to export a connection from Tekla Structures but IDEA StatiCa license was not on his machine? Now he can get a FREE plugin to export from Tekla Structures, Advance Steel and Revit. Also, very helpful in coordinating engineering work with detailers.
We highly recommend checking out the new IDEA StatiCa Member application. This tool has been introduced in the BETA version and aims at resolving stability and buckling issues in the design of steel members.
We hope you will enjoy all our new features and improvements and would love to hear your feedback anytime.

Curious to see all the new features?